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 Envelop Branding and Messaging


Envelop Messaging and Description –


  • The non-profit organization name is “Envelop”.

  • Our space within The Midway in San Francisco is "Envelop SF"

  • The mobile space is "Envelop Satellite"

  • Our software is "Envelop for Live" since it works in tandem with the digital audio workstation Ableton Live.


  • Envelop is normal capitalization, with a capital E.


  • Envelop SF is represented as it's own entity, "Envelop SF" not as another space or sound system in The Midway SF.


  • We describe the SF space as such- “Envelop is an immersive audio venue” or  “Envelop SF is a spatial audio listening space”.


  • Please refrain from using the words "sound system", "4D", or "surround sound" to describe Envelop, it’s spaces or software.


  • Envelop's mission is to be included in any event descriptions (ticketing site, events pages, etc):

    Envelop is a nonprofit that amplifies the power of music through immersive listening experiences. 

    With 32 speakers surrounding the audience, our immersive sound venues and free open source spatial audio tools, provide a space to deeply listen, relax and reset. We host a diversity of events ranging from spatial music performances and album listening events, to wellness and 3D audio education. Envelop allows us to be inside the music. 

    Envelop is directed by artist / musician Christopher Willits, with board members Roddy Lindsay, artist / DJ Mark Slee, fabricator Greg Wood, and creative director Alingo Loh.

Envelop Branding

Please contact Alingo Loh for Envelop Branding guidelines and visual assets.