"The sound system created a listening experience unlike any I've had before. The music felt fully immersive and the clarity resonated every detail of the instruments and sound effects.

– by GooseM

Envelop for Live (E4L) is an open source audio production framework for spatial audio composition and performance.
E4L combines Ableton Live's music production capabilities with spatial panning and processing devices, and a standalone spatial effects processor and renderer. Envelop for Live is a modular toolset for artists to compose and perform spatial audio, and for developers to create new kinds of Ambisonic audio effects. E4L natively supports spatial audio playback with normal headphones, one of our Envelop systems, or any ambisonics-capable speaker array. Additionally, it can be used with VR / AR platforms that support Ambisonics audio tracks, such as Facebook 360.

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Audiovisual Immersion

・Envelop systems support dynamic lighting control for complete audiovisual immersion.
・Color LED lights and interactive video react to spatial audio, creating mesmerizing audiovisual experiences.
・Artists can program and integrate their own lighting effects and patterns.