Envelop is a nonprofit that amplifies the connective and expressive power of music through immersive audio venues and open source spatial audio production tools. Hosting a diversity of events from listening events and performances, to wellness and education, Envelop allows us to be within the music together.

Envelop Octet is a transportable immersive listening space defined by 8 points of spatial sound and audio-reactive lights. In contrast to Envelop venues with 32 or more speakers, Envelop Octet shares the social benefit of immersive listening almost anywhere, with clean integration into indoor, outdoor, and natural spaces. As with all Envelop venues, the three dimensional movement of sound is created with Envelop for Live, a creative and open source solution for spatial music production (ambisonics). Inside Envelop Octet, the technology melts away, allowing everyone - artist and audience - to be united within the music. The space is perfect for live performances, album listenings, educational talks and workshops, and wellness events.