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“ENVELOP has already built the audio hardware and software for what may become the most high-fidelity public listening space in world.”


“ENVELOP is a collective of passionate musicians, DJs, software engineers, entrepreneurs, and audio enthusiasts seeking to change the way we experience live sound.”


“The concept leaps far beyond multi-channel, into a future-forward, fully immersive audiovisual system that is one-of-a-kind. Soon producers will be able to write and perform spherical sound, using open source ambisonics software that will revolutionize electronic music as we know it.”


“All the speakers work simultaneously to position and move sound around the listener from any direction – above, below, and even between speakers.”




“Very Impressive!”  - Sergey Brin Co-founder, Google

“I felt extremely peaceful and allowing. I feel connected and content. Present and in the moment.”  - Ivy Ross, VP, Google 

“I feel very perceptive and I’m in a heightened state of awareness.”  - Michael Perman, Director, Gap 

“It felt like I was experiencing music, not just listening to it.”  - Ayumi Ashley, Artist and Designer