from Envelop Guests


"...last night was something I’ve been fantasizing about for ages. I don’t think I can adequately express my gratitude for the experience you gave me last night, but please know that it was one of the better nights of my life.

...I think the sonic and physical environment of your space supports the experience of music as a gateway to a transcendent, metaphysical experience - that listening to music in your space is a refuge, and that you’re offering people an alternative and nourishing way to escape and unwind from the pressures of daily life."

– by Courtney


"The sound system created a listening experience unlike any I've had before. The music felt fully immersive and the clarity resonated every detail of the instruments and sound effects.

The funnest aspect of this experience was the social element.  Listening to music on headphones can be a solitary experience.  Having a group sit and share in the experience was more akin to hanging out with friends and listening to music in your bedroom. The added quality of the speaker system made for an incredible audio adventure similar to a blockbuster movie theatre surround sound system."

– by GooseM


"Was absolutely blown away by the set last night! Thanks :) "

– by Ben


"For me, Envelop was an incredibly impactful sonic experience. I was blown away by how immersed I was in the sound and how much easier it was to perceive the nuances and subtleties of the instruments and musical composition overall. It made for an incredibly rich listening experience, I wish this was how I could listen to music all the time!

It's taking something that pretty much everyone on the planet does (listen to music), but deepening and enriching the experience of 'listening' as to make for a much more impactful and emotional experience with the art of music.

– by Brett


"This was an amazing well conceived experience at our beloved Arcosanti... Paolo Soleri, the Italian architect would be proud of this installation. Thank you for being there."

– by Joan


"I had a spiritual experience at this last night. I've never heard music sound so perfect; it brought tears to my eyes.

Envelop is the future of music and the future is here."

– by Joe C


“I felt extremely peaceful and allowing. I feel connected and content. Present and in the moment.”

– Ivy Ross, Google


“I feel very perceptive and I’m in a heightened state of awareness.”

– Michael Perman, Gap


“It felt like I was experiencing music, not just listening to it.”

– Ayumi Ashley, Artist and Designer