Envelop Venue Buyout Guidelines


A buyout is subject to specific terms and conditions set forth in agreement with the parties involved. Below is a general guideline for how buyouts work at Envelop venues:


A buyout is a private event that is not advertised publicly.  
It is never a mixed private and public event. 


A buyout is a general reservation for a specific number of guests.

No resale of tickets. 

Messaging and Branding

All messaging and/or invitations to guests, staff, or members, need to follow Envelop branding and messaging guidelines.

Link to Envelop Branding and Messaging Guide.


The capacity of Envelop SF is 50.
The capacity of Envelop SLC Pop-up is 80.

The capacity of Envelop Octet and Envelop Satellite is based on the size of the customized listening space, approximately 50-150 people. 

Food and drinks

Envelop can provide beer, wine, tea and water as an open bar fee, to be included in the buyout fee.

Catered food is welcome at the event, but only outside of the listening space. 

Outside drinks are welcome at the event.  

Sales of food and drinks to buyout guests is not permitted.


Professional photography and videography can be supplied by Envelop for a production fee. 
Outside production needs to be authorized by Envelop.

Mobile phone photos are videos are permitted.