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“Needless to say, the immersive approach, especially with Sakamoto’s music, was incredibly moving. And with Envelop’s flagship venue in SF only being a few years old, they are already delivering their immersive sound experiences masterfully. They host multiple events each week, featuring sound baths, restorative yoga, and upmixes of works by artists such as Sade, Philip Glass, and The Flaming Lips.”

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Envelop, the hosts of the event, want to literally envelop you in sound. They have a permanent home at The Midway SF, where they’ve created a spatial 32-speaker experience that’s meant to make you feel as though you are inside of the music you’re listening to. Through this incredible audio technology, you can gain a whole new understanding of a classic album. The night I was there, the album du jour was “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd, and the acoustics were so crisp and vibrant that it was like I had never really listened to this album before, though I’d certainly heard it many, many times.’

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'Envelop began life by opening a space for exploring 3D sound. Now, the nonprofit, directed by artist Christopher Willits, has released a set of free spatial sound tools you can use in Live 10.'

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"Being in the audience for a spatial audio performance is really wild. Envelop at the Midway has 32 speakers around the room, and when you stand in the middle—or anywhere, really—you can feel sound filling the whole space... Walking around the room while the songs were playing, it didn’t really sound like music was coming from the speakers around me. The music was just... part of the room."

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Dope Magazine

Envelop has put their own spin on the immersive experience, however, with spatial sound meditation and restorative yoga classes, ambient music performances, listening parties and Envelop Satellite—the complete eight tower system utilized at events and festivals. “As far as I know, we are the first company—the first organization, definitely the first nonprofit—that has taken this stuff out of academia and made public listening spaces,” Willits asserts. “Music is so powerful. Our mission is to amplify that connective power of music in the three-dimensional experience.”

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'Looking at something like Envelop’s new tools for Ableton Live 10 [Envelop for Live], you see something like the equivalent of those first pan pots. Add some free devices to Live, and you can improvise with space, hear the results through headphones, and scale up to as many speakers as you want, or deliver to a growing, standardized set of virtual reality / 3D / game / immersive environments.

And that could open the floodgates for 3D mixing music. (Maybe even it could open your own floodgates there.)'

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'Have you ever had the urge to jam out while taking a yoga class? If so, look no further than the yoga classes at Envelop: a new type of workout experience that places music above all else.'

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'When ambient composer Christopher Willits debuted his album Horizon this year, two sets of 50 people gathered at the new San Francisco venue Envelop at the Midway, sitting on the floor on pillows in the center of a network of 28 speakers, some on pillars rising out of the floor, others affixed to the ceiling. The sound moved around the audience in waves, coming now from in front, now from behind, now from above, now below, moving along a sphere of sensation that Willits called spherical, or spatial audio.'

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FACT Magazine

'The venue is named after Willits’s spatial audio platform Envelop and boasts “a 28.4 channel Ambisonic sound system that can position sound elements above, below, in front of, behind, and completely around an audience.” As he puts it, “the entire room is an instrument."'

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RA: Resident Advisor

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'The music will surrounded listeners in any state, thanks to its three-dimensional mix that requires no special software or audio equipment to experience.'

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"ENVELOP has already built the audio hardware and software for what may become the most high-fidelity public listening space in world."

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"ENVELOP is a collective of passionate musicians, DJs, software engineers, entrepreneurs, and audio enthusiasts seeking to change the way we experience live sound."

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"The concept leaps far beyond multi-channel, into a future-forward, fully immersive audiovisual system that is one-of-a-kind. Soon producers will be able to write and perform spherical sound, using open source ambisonics software that will revolutionize electronic music as we know it."

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