Envelop is a nonprofit that amplifies the power of music and sound through immersive listening experiences.

Express your brand and connect with your audience in a meaningful way. Envelop creates an immersive, memorable, and fully-customized sensory experience of your brand, creating greater connection and impact.


Guided Meditation

Live or pre-recorded meditations are mixed into the Envelop listening space for an immersive meditation experience like no other.


Sound Bath

Using sound as a tool for deep relaxation, Envelop's Sound Bath immerses you in beautiful ambient music and 3D nature recordings.


Spatial Audio Lounge

Perfect for a VIP experience, or allowing your audience to drift in and out of the music. Envelop’s Spatial Audio Lounge becomes a destination for relaxed listening without a specific call-to-action. This is a great experience for casual transition times, establishing a 3rd space at an event, or hosting a futuristic cocktail lounge that can lead into another experience.


Live Performance / DJ Set

Live performances or DJ sets create unforgettable expressions of artistry and shared experience. Envelop pulls from its roster of artists, or we can work with an artist or DJ of your choice, to perform the music that drives the mood.