Envelop SLC is our first immersive audio venue outside of San Francisco! As a permanent location featuring an enveloping 32-speaker audiovisual experience, it will host listening events, live performances, wellness events, educational workshops, and family-based programming. Greg Wood, the fabricator of Envelop SLC, has built an incredible listening space that looks and feels just as great as it sounds. Salt Lake City is the ideal location to allow Envelop to grow its impact and share the power of music and immersive listening. We are so grateful for the SLC community support that’s been shown, allowing us to initiate this journey together.

Since opening Envelop SF in San Francisco, we have hosted hundreds of events, learning how we can share these experiences in other locations. After a successful run of SLC Pop-up events from Nov 2018 to May 2019, we are ready to create a foundation for focused listening in this beautiful city and region. While we continue serving San Francisco on a weekly basis, we're excited to share the benefits of immersive listening within another community. We have always imagined that Envelop venues can exist in different locations, and this is the first space to pioneer that vision.

Upcoming Envelop SLC Events