Envelop was created in San Francisco by a group of award-winning artists, musicians, designers, and engineers.

Christopher Willits

Envelop Executive Director and co-founder. Artist, pioneering electronic musician, guitarist and educator. 


Roddy Lindsay

Entrepreneur and software engineer. Co-founder of Hustle. Performs live spatial electronic music as The Ride. Co-founder of Envelop and Envelop board member.

Mark Slee

San Francisco based DJ, producer, and LED visual artist. Core developer of Envelop for Live and Envelop board member. 


Alingo Loh

Envelop Creative Director and board member. Visual artist and designer based in the Bay Area.


Ryan Kleeman

Sound engineer and designer based in the Bay Area.

Jamil_19-04-22Screen Shot 2019-04-22_1000px.jpg

Jamil Lea

Envelop SF production manager and sound engineer based in the Bay Area.


Chris Sherman

Envelop social media and experience manager. Based in Los Angeles.


Erin Lau

Envelop community manager based in the Bay Area.



Greg Wood

Envelop SLC Pop-Up venue manager, fabricator of Envelop Satellite and Envelop board member.

Adonis 12 2_1000px.jpg

Adonis Jordan

Envelop SLC Pop-Up production manager and musician based in Salt Lake City.


Scott Wood

Envelop SLC Pop-Up engineer.

Rama Gottfried

Composer, sound artist, and technologist. Core developer of Envelop for Live.


Elan Rosenman

Former Envelop member and Co-founder of Envelop.


Andrew Kimpel

Former Envelop member and Co-founder of Envelop.