Envelop is a non-profit that amplifies the connective power of music through immersive listening spaces, spatial music events, and open source spatial audio software.

Three-dimensional experiences of sound and music bring people together, catalyzing shared moments of inspiration, empathy and wonder.


Envelop Spaces

Envelop spaces allow us to physically be inside the music.
32 speakers surround the audience creating a sphere of spatial sound.

Envelop has created two large-scale listening environments:
Envelop SF a permanent venue within The Midway in San Francisco.
Envelop Satellite a mobile system that is available for festivals and site-specific events.

Envelop Software

Envelop for Live is a collection of free, open-source spatial audio production tools that work with Ableton Live Suite 10.
Three-dimensional sound placement enables artists to create immersive mixes for multichannel spaces and VR/AR environments using normal headphones.
Artists and producers can create their own DIY setups for studio production of shows with 4, 6 or 8 speakers easier than ever before.
All of our tools are free and open-source, allowing this technology to reach new audiences easier, therefore catalyzing more spatial content creation. 

Envelop Events

Envelop produces a variety of events that activate the experience intimate shared listening.


Artists who have performed or shared their music within an Envelop space include –

Birds of Rhythm, Eduardo Castillo, Rob Garza, Indy Nyles, King Britt, Ryan Kleeman, Lusine, Manitous, Mayumi Matutina, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Mike Milosh (Rhye), Mark Slee, Slumber, SnowGhost, Snuise, Superposition (Glitch Mob), Switchcraft, Rachel Torro, Tycho, and Christopher Willits.

What an EPIC sensory experience. THANK YOU!
— Stephanie
Can not express how AMAZING this was... Bravo to the producers and creators of this venue/organization.
— Derek
...last night was something I’ve been fantasizing about for ages... the sonic and physical environment of your space supports the experience of music as a gateway to a transcendent, metaphysical experience - that listening to music in your space is a refuge, and that you’re offering people an alternative and nourishing way to escape and unwind from the pressures of daily life.
— Courtney
I highly recommend the multidimensional soundscape environment that is Envelop.
— Mike
Without knowing Ryuichi Sakamoto’s music much, I felt the emotions, very different feeling throughout the whole time. I also had a very challenging day before I arrived, everything at the space just warmed my soul... Thank you for what you guys are doing. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
— Kristin
I had a spiritual experience at this last night. I’ve never heard music sound so perfect; it brought tears to my eyes.
Envelop is the future of music and the future is here.
— Joe
This was mind shattering! Thank you so much! :-D
— Max
Your project is truly amazing (both the sound, and the connections you are helping to make), and coming at just the right time for or society. I can’t wait to attend more of the Envelop events and do my part to help build a strong community.
— Patrick
It really felt like we were experiencing an event from the future we were promised.... The sound system created a listening experience unlike any I’ve had before. The music felt fully immersive and the clarity resonated every detail of the instruments and sound effects.
— GooseM