Envelop For Live

Envelop for Live is a collection of free, open-source spatial audio production tools that work with Ableton Live Suite. Three-dimensional sound placement enables artists to create immersive mixes for multichannel spaces and headphone-based VR/AR environments, amplifying emotional impact by placing the audience inside the music.

Envelop for Live guides the spatialization of sound in all Envelop listening spaces, and also works with any custom speaker array (minimum 4 speakers) or normal headphones. It's now easier than ever for musicians, producers, artists, and sound designers, to create their own DIY setups and utilize space as a compositional element. 

All of our tools are free and open-source, allowing this technology to reach new audiences easier, therefore catalyzing more spatial music creation and shared listening experiences. If you have 3D music to share as a listening event, or performance in an Envelop space, please submit a proposal here.

*There are no plans to create a VST or make E4L work with other DAWs, but we support that effort. 

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Envelop LX

EnvelopLX is an interactive lighting application for Envelop. It runs in Processing using the LX Studio framework. The system may be controlled directly, or via remote OSC control from Envelop for Live devices, which can be composed and sequenced within Ableton Live 10. Real-time spatial audio metering and position data can also be used to control animation.